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Moultrie Palms

Hybrid, Mule (xButyagrus nabbonnandi, (Butia capitata + Syagrus romanzoffiania )) Cold Hardy Palm Tree is our speciality

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About Us
Moultrie Palms, the worlds first commercial xButyagrus nursery, is owned and operated by Frank and Elaine Lewis and located on the outskirts of
St. Augustine, Florida.
Moultrie Palms has been in operation since 2001 and was initially growing a variety of palms as a supplier to other distributers.
After several years of experimenting in the development of hybrids, Frank has developed a method where he is able to grow one of the finest and most endurable hybrids ever developed. The method used provides a 70-80 percent success rate from planted seedlings. With the success of the hybrid, a decision was made to specialize and raise only hybrids.
Through  January, 2014 , more than 1000 hybrids have been raised and shipped all over the world. Shipments have been made to Florida, California, Texas, Louisiana, South Carolina, United Kingdom, and Holland.
Customer satisfaction is most important and there are no unsatisfied customers. With the mother palm being located in the front yard, experimentation will 
continue on improving one of the most endurable hybrids ever developed.continue on improving one of the most endurable hybrids ever developed.